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Understanding The Blockchain Benefits

Payments & Transactions

Send and receive payments in a fast, secure, global and cost effective global way. Using decentralized blockchain-based payment processors allows instant financial transactions, free of  third party correspondents that operate directly between the contractual parties. 

Smart Contracts

Automate you business process internally or with your business partners  with Blockchain based smart contracts. Use them to monitor delivery, distribute royalties, track supply chain, or make efficient use of your tied in capital.

Right Management & Intellectual Property

Protect content ownership while enabling its licensed use by partners or customers. Maintain proof of ownership and maintain chain of ownership and rights. Controlled by smart contracts to allow long tail sale.

Remittances Payment

Make conditional payments, automatize and streamline, from expat workers to insurance and everything in between, all on a global scale.

Decentralized Disaster Recovery

Use a worldwide secure indestructible decentralized encrypted network, with zero effort.

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